Wedding Party

Jenna Borrelli

Matron of Honor

Jenna first met Kristen and Shawn at Canisius College back in 2008. Jenna and Kristen went from being teammates on the club volleyball team to roommates with the Housewives of 19 Glendale. She's been with Kristen and Shawn from the very start of their relationship and has been their biggest cheerleader since day one!

Jenna has a huge heart and is one of the most attentive, thoughtful, and loyal friends you can have. She even surprised Kristen by flying out to San Francisco to celebrate her engagement to Shawn and her 30th birthday with her -- that's the type of thoughtful best friend we're talking about. Keep an eye out for her on the dance floor... we have no doubt she'll be one of the first ones out there at the wedding!

Evan Keleher

Best Man

Shawn has known Evan since he was born because, well, that's how being an older brother works. From the days of street hockey and Saturday morning cartoons, to ski club and school dances, and from college parties to careers, they have been best friends who are always there for one another.

Evan is considerate, willing to help others, and is a man of his word. He currently lives in Cleveland with his new fiancée, Megan. Even though living a few thousand miles apart from each other can be tough, it makes each visit that much more fun and memorable. Evan and Megan also made the trip out to San Francisco as part of the surprise for Shawn and Kristen's engagement! We couldn't picture our wedding day without him as the Best Man and we are honored that he is such a special part of it.

Courtney Klee

Maid of Honor

Courtney is Kristen's older cousin, although she has really been like an older sister to Kristen growing up. And yes, she will hate the fact that she was referred to as "old" two times in one sentence. Courtney is quick-witted, adventurous, and fabulously high-spirited! She has visited San Francisco, Las Vegas, and OBX with Shawn and Kristen.

Aside from the trips they've taken together, Courtney is a true world traveler and has always been a passionate advocate for each community she has lived in and been a part of along the way. She loves to debate and talk politics, so if you're up for a wholesome (and civil) conversation, be sure to find her at the wedding...but if you find her with a drink (or two) in hand, just make a mental note to check back later!

Zac Stelter


Zac is cousins with Shawn and Evan, and the three of them spent time reading books, helping out the elderly, and absolutely never getting into any type of trouble together as kids...! Their Moms are not only sisters-in-law, but they are also childhood best friends, so they all spent a lot of time together growing up... a trend that has continued on into adulthood.

Zac is a loyal friend and a great guy to get a beer with! He's also not afraid to speak his mind and is always ready and willing to talk your ear off about anything related to politics, economics, or religion. You may not share the same views, and he may root for the Maple Leafs, but we love the hell out of him!

David Fronczak

Man of Honor

David is Kristen's cousin and is the third member of her Trio of Honor! David and Kristen were inseparable as kids and he is likely responsible for any clever, facetious, and grammatically correct sentence that Kristen has ever written, spoken, or even thought of. He is also the creative genius behind their family's "Spice Cousins" musical group, including the choreography for their back deck performances, music videos, and their magazine launch. Sadly, the Spice Cousins have since retired, so if this is your first time hearing about them... the ship has sailed.

David has always been one of Shawn and Kristen's most meaningful champions since the beginning of their relationship. We are so lucky to have him in our lives because he is truly such a genuine, supportive, and kindhearted person! Actually, we're being modest... he's "perfect". Our perfect friend, cousin, and human.

Danny Stephan


Danny and Shawn go way back... no, even further... keeeep going... they've been kickin' it since the paste eating kindergarten days! They have been best friends for over 25 years now. You would think after spending K-12 together that they might have gotten sick of each other... but they both proceeded to attend Canisius College and were roommates for 4 years there as well. Danny and Shawn actually lived across the hall from Kristen during their sophomore year, so he also witnessed the start of their relationship!

Danny is like Captain America. He's smart, handsome, athletic, the envy of his friends, but most importantly, that son-of-a-bitch is funny. Shawn and Kristen can attest that their friendship and any time spent with him is certainly never short on laughs. We hope you can find out for yourself at the wedding -- but, if you don't get a chance to talk with him, you can always check out his podcast, Podder Fodder, now streaming on all platforms! #ad

Kat Jones


Kat and Kristen are cousins, and even though they haven't lived in the same state for 25+ years, they can always pick right up where they left off as if they haven't spent any time apart. She will be traveling in from Long Island to join us for the wedding!

Kat is incredibly fun-loving, down to earth, and is always ready to have a good time! She made it out to San Francisco to visit Shawn and Kristen, and they overtook Las Vegas together too. Thanks to Kat, Shawn has recently defied all odds and is now house music's newest fan!

Joe Rinaldo


Joe and Shawn met in 5th grade and they've been on a wild adventure together ever since. They have some amazing stories from playing sports together, working the same part-time jobs as teenagers, going to Canisius College together, and ending up in San Francisco at the same time. Joe has been like a brother to Shawn at every turn in life.

Joe and his wife, Jacq (who is also in the wedding), and their twin boys have lived in the Bay Area near Shawn and Kristen for the past 4 years. The foursome has become a little West Coast family and Kristen and Shawn truly cherish their time in the Cali sun with them.

Kristina Jones


Kristina is Kristen's youngest cousin and will be traveling in from North Carolina for the wedding! She may be tiny, but she is vivacious, strong, and full of life! Kristina has traveled to OBX with Shawn and Kristen for a trip that will forever be remembered as one of their favorite vacations.

Kristina recently became a new Mama and our wedding will be one of her first nights away from her baby boy. When you see her, feel free to give her a hug... and then immediately pass her a drink -- she's earned this night out!

Adam Braunbach


Shawn and Adam met in middle school (in 6th grade to be exact) and he quickly became one of the guys. He is the most loyal friend out there and has always had Shawn's back. From teenage shenanigans, to playing sports together, to Bills season tickets, and becoming best friends with Kristen (and Jenna), Adam has been there for all of it.

He is one of those people you love to disagree with because you always walk away with something. His sharp witted and practical sense has led to some amazing conversations. We love being his friend and appreciate him as a human being!

Abby O'Grady


Abby is Kristen's cousin and she will be traveling in from North Carolina for the wedding. Although she lives in North Carolina now, she spent most of her life living in Florida. It was one of Kristen's favorite spots to visit growing up and they have so many wonderful memories by the pool, at the beach, and eating & drinking their way through her Dad's restaurants. Shawn and Kristen were able to travel to Florida together and attended Abby's high school graduation ceremony way back when!

Abby is extremely sincere, friendly, and warmhearted. We couldn't be happier to have her standing up with us on our wedding day!

Corey Balcerzak


Corey and Shawn met in high school where Shawn was the star football player and Corey was just a goofy kid trying to fit in. Alright maybe we mixed that up, but either way they've been best friends for a long time. Corey is a big teddy bear with killer dance moves, and he is one of the most likable and goodnatured people you'll ever meet.

Corey's younger brother, Colton, is best friends with Evan, and he went to Canisius with Shawn and Kristen -- so we're talking a true family affair here! Some of the best laughs of Shawn's life have been with Corey at his parents' backyard tiki bar, college trips together between Canisius and St. John Fisher, or nights out at the bungalow.

Becca Fitzpatrick


Becca and Kristen's friendship dates back to their middle school years in Orchard Park, where they started out as volleyball teammates and quickly became best friends. They basically lived at each other's houses growing up and bonded over their shared part-time jobs and their love for Jesse McCartney, Coconut Rum, and McDonald's 5 for $5 meals.

Becca visited Kristen at Canisius College countless times, which is where she first met Shawn and witnessed the start of their relationship! Becca may be humorously awkward at times, but more importantly she is so very lovable, dependable, easygoing, and incredibly thoughtful. Even though Becca and Kristen currently live on opposite ends of the country, no matter how much time passes, they always stay in touch and never have a problem jumping right back in when they see each other again.

Nate Bechtold


Nate and Shawn first met in high school, and became brothers during their college years and beyond. Nate is a great guy to have in your corner. He's smart, handsome, and is always down for a good time. Honestly, there's never a dull moment with the kid and we love his spontaneity...even if we can't always keep up with him!

Nate is a huge reason for the opportunity that allowed Shawn and Kristen to initially move out to San Francisco. Shawn and Kristen lived with Nate in their first 2 apartments in San Francisco where they shared some unforgettable memories. He is a true adventurer and loyal friend, and we know there are more exciting escapades to be had with him!

Jacq Rinaldo


Shawn first met Jacq when he went to visit one of his best friends, Joe, who was living in Houston, TX. At the time, Jacq and Joe had just started dating... fast forward a few years, and they are now married with twin boys! While Jacq and Joe initially met in Houston, they ended up moving out to San Francisco at the same time as Kristen and Shawn.

Jacq is one of the most thoughtful, magnetic, and intellectual people you will come across, and with the same shared love of watching music videos as Kristen and Shawn, it's no surprise that the foursome quickly became a tight-knit West Coast family. Kristen and Shawn had the honor of standing up with Jacq and Joe on their wedding day, so it is a full circle moment to be able to have them both standing up with us!

Alec Missel


Alec and Shawn met on their very first night of college at Canisius, and he met Kristen soon after that. Alec and Shawn lived in the same freshman dorm and they later became roommates for 2 years! Alec and his wife, Stacey, have planted roots in Santa Barbara, CA, so they are very much a part of Kristen and Shawn's Cali story and family. There have been several trips taken between San Francisco and Santa Barbara, and they all traveled to Joshua Tree National Park together for a West Coast family Thanksgiving!

Alec is someone they both lean on for life and career advice, and he is one of the nicest and most respectable people you will meet. He knows how to have the best time no matter the circumstances... even in the most mediocre places (looking at you, King City). Ever the optimist, we are beyond lucky to call him a friend!

Joe Danna


Joe will be officiating Kristen and Shawn's wedding, and the couple is honored to have him involved in such an important and special way on their big day. Joe first met Shawn in Lockport back in 9th grade, and he also went to Canisius College where he first met Kristen and was roommates with Shawn for 2 years.

Joe, Kristen, and Shawn spent a lot of time together during their college years. The three amigos became extremely close and often referred to themselves as "the three of us". Joe was there for the start of Kristen and Shawn's relationship and he has always been such a big supporter, so Kristen and Shawn knew very early on that they wanted to include him in a significant way on their wedding day.

Joe is truly the most entertaining, hilariously funny, and high-spirited person you will ever meet. He is guaranteed to make you laugh, and then cry from laughing so hard. We're blessed to have him in our lives and we know he'll do an incredible job as our officiant... just don't mess up, Joe.